Terri Thomas, Soprano

AOL Browser Image Settings

The following issue applies to all websites viewed with AOL.

The default mode of AOL is to substantially compress webpage images, converting them to the highly degraded Johnson-Grace ".art" format. Some jpeg images are rendered completely unviewable by the AOL compression process. Also, with AOL image compression turned on, any image larger than 640 X 480 is automatically reduced to a size of 640 X 480, distorting the image considerably.

To view this website and others as intended*, viewers should:
  1. Turn off AOL image compression.
  2. Empty the web cache (so that AOL reloads a fresh copy of the uncompressed images upon reloading the webpage).
  3. Close and restart AOL.
  4. Reload the web page.
This process needs to be done only once. Webpage images will now have their original clear quality, instead of being blurred and fuzzy. Note however, that turning off AOL image compression will increase download times.

* Serious users of the Internet should consider abandoning AOL altogether and upgrading to a quality ISP such as Earthlink, AT&T Worldnet, or a local service provider. Many alternative ISPs provide better service for the same or less money.

A pictorial description of the following procedures can be found on Charles Upsdell's website.